Perusahaan Penyedia Jasa Pekerjaan PWHT, sewa atau rental alat PWHT, PWHT Furnace, PWHT Gas Burner, Internal Firing


1. Post Weld Heat Treatment in House Furnace & Temporary Furnace for Pressure Vessel, Boiler, Piping Spool, Structure, Pig Launcher & Receiver.
2. PWHT with Internal Firing Gas Burner for Spherical Tank.

In Situ PWHT with Build Temporary Furnace Knock Down, we bring our equipment to your workshop or remote site.

In-house Furnace
14m L x 5m W x 4,5m H GAS FIRED Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) furnace.

Furnace Room & Our Equipment
High Velocity Gas Burner


This burner can be used for furnace, refractory dry-outs and curing applications. It is also suitable for post weld heat treatment of large steel vessel and spherical tank on site. The vessel or tank is insulated externally, forming its own furnace and the burner provides a mean of firing into the vessel internally. The system employs a high pressure blower to enable “hot air” to be distributed into the heating chamber at high speed and thus creating a uniform balance of heat distribution throughout the entire chamber. Maximum burner output ratings: 6 – 8 million B.T.U./Hr.

For further information please contact:

Call / SMS : +62811215369
Hp : 0811215369



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